Vintage analogue guitar, amplifier and effects repairs and servicing.

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Disclaimer: If anything should ever happen in future with the Lovetone brand name, trademarks or designs, you can be 100% sure it will NOT have (and cannot have, for legal reasons) anything whatsoever to do with me, regardless of what might be claimed by other parties.

The only involvement I have had with Lovetone effect pedals - since leaving that business way back in April 2008 - has been the occasional servicing, repair and "stock" upgrades of the original pedals. These belong to various musicians and customers around the world, who are happy to pay me for my knowledge and experience of those old products. Given that I was the original electronic design engineer I can efficiently get them working and/or back to full spec again for a fair price.

Regarding Dinosaural: I have now ceased manufacturing pedals, but that business still exists as the ongoing outlet for my various electronic and musical work. I now (only) do vintage/valve amp and classic analogue FX pedal servicing and repairs as a part-time sideline to my full-time job in semiconductor electronics.

Latest: I'm pleased and excited to say that I've been collaborating with Thorpy FX on a range of new forthcoming effect pedal designs, please visit their site www.thorpyfx.com

Dan Coggins t/a Dinosaural
29 June 2017

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